Curriculum Vitae of Dejan Stevanovic, MD, PhD

Personal information



2014 PhD, Medical school University of Belgrade

2009-2013 Child & adolescent psychiatry, Medical school University of Belgrade

2005-2007 Neuropsychology, Medical school University of Belgrade

1998-2004 Medical school University of Belgrade


2013 – Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth, Belgrade, Serbia, Child psychiatrist 

2008-2013 Psychiatry department, General Hospital Sombor, Serbia, Child psychiatrist

2006-2008 Health Care Center, Odzaci, Serbia, GP

2004-2005 Institute of Mother and Child Belgrade, Serbia, Trainee 

Coursework, fellowships, & awards
  1. “Mental Health Throughout Life” - Volkswagen Foundation’s 2nd Herrenhausen Conference, 3-5 Apr 2013, Hanover, Germany
  2. ECNP Workshop on Neuropsychopharmacology for Young Scientists in Europe, 7-10 Mar 2013, Nice, France
  3. VIREPA Education Program in Epilepsy, Psychiatric Aspects, Oct 2012 - Feb 2013
  4. ECNP TEM Epilepsy and Psychiatry, 12-13 Oct 2012, Vienna, Austria
  5. Salzburg CHOP Seminar in Behavioral Pediatrics & Child Development, 11-17 Mar 2012, Salzburg, Austria
  6. ECNP School of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology, 19-24 Feb 2012, Venice, Italy
  7. 1st Excellence in Child Mental Health, School in Child Mental Health Practice and Services, 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2011, Istanbul, Turkey
  8. 10th Berlin Summer  School, “Psychiatry as a Science - Genetic Neuroimaging”, 22-27 Aug 2010, Berlin, Germany
  9. Salzburg CHOP Seminar in Pediatric Neurology & Metabolism, 14-19 Mar 2010, Salzburg, Austria
  10. Donald Cohen Fellowship Program for International Scholars in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, ESCAP International Conference, 22-26 Aug 2009, Budapest, Hungary
  11. 26th International Epilepsy Congress Young Researchers Award, 28 Aug –1 Sep 2005, Paris, France
  12. Fellowship of the Serbian Ministry of Science, 2003-2006, Serbia
Main interests

Cognitive neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology, psychometrics, and cross-cultural psychiatry

Psychopharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology, and pharmacoeconomics

PhD thesis “Applying the principles of good research practice for cross-cultural adaptation to pediatric health-related quality of life questionnaires” Medical school University of Belgrade 2014

Main peer-reviewed publications

  1. Stevanovic D, Maroco J, Atilola O, Vostanis P et al. Can we compare quality of life among adolescents across the globe? Testing the measurement invariance of the PedsQLTM 4.0 across different countries. Journal of Research on Adolescence, in review.
  2. Jovanovic M, Stevanovic D, Jocic-Jakubi B. The relative impact of adverse antiepileptic drugs’ events on health-related quality of life among children with epilepsy in Serbia. 2014, Neurology India, in press.
  3. Stevanovic D, Atilola O, Singh Balhara YP, Avicenna M, Kandemir H, Vostanis P, Knez R, Petrov P. The relationships between alcohol/drugs use and quality of life among adolescents: An international, cross-sectional study. Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 2014, DOI:10.1080/1067828X.2013.773864.
  4. Stevanovic D, Jafari P. A cross-cultural study to assess measurement invariance of the KIDSCREEN-27 questionnaire across Serbian and Iranian children and adolescents. Quality of Life Research 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11136-014-0754-0
  5. Stevanovic D, Urban R, Atilola O, Vostanis P et al. Does the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire – Self Report yield Invariant Measurements across different nations? Data from the International Child Mental Health Study Group. Epidemiology & Psychiatric Sciences, DOI: 10.1017/S2045796014000201.
  6. Knez R, Stevanovic D, Vulić-Prtorić A, Vlašić-Cicvarić I, Peršić M. A psychometric study of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) Family Impact Module among Croatian youth. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 2015 24 (2):363-371.
  7. Stevanovic D, Tadic I, Knez R. Are antidepressants effective in quality of life improvement among children and adolescents? A systematic review. CNS Spectrums, 2014, 19, 134–141.
  8. Atilola O, Stevanovic D, Pal Singh Balhara Y, Avicenna M, et al. Role of Personal and Family factors in Alcohol and Substance Use among Adolescents: An international study with focus on developing countries. Journal of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, 2014, 21 (7): 609–617
  9. Kuburovic N, Pasic S, Susic G, Stevanovic D, et al. Health-related quality of life, anxiety and depressive symptoms in children with primary immunodeficiencies. Patient Preference and Adherence, 2014, 8: 323 – 330.
  10. Atilola O, Stevanovic D. PedsQLTM 4.0 Generic Core Scales for adolescents in the Yoruba Language: Translation and general psychometric properties. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2014 Apr;19(2):286-98
  11. Stevanovic D. Anxiety Sensitivity in Relation to Anxiety Symptoms among Serbian Youth. International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health, 2013, 1, 25-32.
  12. Stevanovic D, Silverman W, Nichols-Lopez K, Popovic-Deusic S, et al. Facets of the Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index among Serbian Youth. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2013;42(4):342-6.
  13. Atilola O, Singh Balhara YP, Stevanovic D, et al. Self-reported Mental Health Problems among Adolescents in Developing Countries: Results from an International Pilot Sample. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 2013, 34: 129–137.
  14. Stevanovic D, Tadic I, Novakovic T, Kisic-Tepavcevic D, Ravens-Sieberer U. Evaluating the Serbian version of the KIDSCREEN quality of life questionnaires: Reliability, validity and agreement between children’s and parent’s ratings. Quality of life Research, 2013, 22:1729–1737.
  15. Stevanovic D, Jancic J, Topalovic M, Tadic T. Agreement between children and parents when reporting anxiety and depressive symptoms in pediatric epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior,2012, 25:141–144.
  16. Stevanovic D, Laurent J, Lakic A. Measuring Positive and Negative Affect and Physiological Hyperarousal Among Serbian Youth. Journal of Personality Assessment 2013 95:107-117.  
  17. Tadic I, Vujasinovic-Stupar N, Tasic Lj, Stevanovic D, et al. Validation of the Osteoporosis Quality of Life Questionnaire QUALEFFO-41 for the Serbian population. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2012, 10:24; doi:10.1186/1477-7525-10-74.
  18. Stevanovic, D, Susic, G. Health-related quality of life and emotional problems in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Quality of life Research 2013, 22:607–612.
  19. Stevanovic, D. Impact of emotional and behavioral symptoms on quality of life in children and adolescents. Quality of life Research 2013, 22:333–337.  
  20. Jovanović M, Lakićević M, Stevanović D, Milić-Rasić V, Slavnić S. Community-based study of health-related quality of life in spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy. Disability and Rehabilitation 2012, 34, 1284-1290.
  21. Tadic I, Stevanovic D, Tasic Lj, Stupar N. Development of a Short Version of the Osteoporosis Knowledge Assessment Tool. Women & Health 2012, 52, 18-31.
  22. Stevanovic D. Childhood depression and anxiety disorders in Serbia: A psychometric study of four screening questionnaires. Epidemiology & Psychiatric Sciences 2012, 21, 111–116.
  23. Stevanovic D. Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire-short form for quality of life assessments in clinical practice: a psychometric study. Journal of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing 2011, 18:744-50.
  24. Damnjanovic M, Lakic A, Stevanovic D, Jovanovic A. Effects of mental health on quality of life in children and adolescents living in residential and foster care: A cross-sectional study. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences 2011, 20: 257-262.
  25. Stevanovic D, Jancic J, Lakic A. The impact of depression and anxiety disorders symptoms on the health-related quality of life of children and adolescents with epilepsy. Epilepsia 2011, 52 (8), e75-e78.
  26. Stevanovic D, Lakic A, Damnjanovic M. Some psychometric properties of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ Version 4.0 Generic Core Scales (PedsQLTM) in the general Serbian population. Quality of life Research 2011, 20:945-949.
  27. Stevanovic D, Tepavcevic DK, Jocic-Jakubi B, Jovanovic M, Pekmezovic T, Lakic A, Ronen GM. Health-Related Quality of Life Measure for Children with Epilepsy (CHEQOL-25): Preliminary data for the Serbian version. Epilepsy & Behavior2009, 16: 599-602.
  28. Stevanovic D. Serbian KINDL questionnaire for quality of life assessments in healthy children and adolescents: reproducibility and construct validity. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2009, 7:79.
  29. Stevanović D, Lakic A, Vilotic J. The psychometric study of the Serbian KINDL questionnaire for health-related quality of life assessment in children and adolescents. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Science 2009, 23; 361–368.
  30. Stevanovic D. Health-related quality of life in adolescents with well-controlled epilepsy. Epilepsy &Behavior 2007, 10: 571-575.
  31. Stevanovic D,  Lozanovic-Miladinovic D, Jovic N, Sarenac M. The Serbian QOLIE-AD-48: Translation, Cultural Adaptation, and Preliminary Psychometric Evaluation. Epilepsy &Behavior2005, 7:240-245.
Main current projects

Cognition in major child and adolescent mental disorders

Executive functions in major child and adolescent mental disorders

Psychopathology in pediatric epilepsy

Trauma in adolescents - International Child Mental Health Study Group (ICMH-Study Group II)

Memberships, engagements, interests

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology Network, Member of Serbian Medical Chamber

Consultant for pharmacoeconomics and patient-reported outcome assessment

Reviewer for Epilepsy & Behavior, Quality of Life Research, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Value in Health, Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, Yonsei Medical Journal, Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health, Psychology Research

Guidepoint Global Advisors, TransPerfect…

Advanced knowledge in statistics, research methodology, life couching, CBT

Enjoys traveling, Married and has two sons


Panos Vostanis, School of Psychology, Leicester University, United Kingdom

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Tomislav Franic,  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Split, Croatia, Email: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli.


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